Stefanie (spelled with an ‘f’) is a freelance illustrator and concept artist with an Honours Bachelor of Illustration from Sheridan College. When she isn’t drawing, she enjoys reading, replaying her favourite games, and gardening while her dog stomps all over her flowers. Stefanie works mainly with digital media, is fluent across different programs for painting, from photoshop to procreate, is comfortable working with after effects, and is currently experimenting with 3d programs. As long as she can carry over her obsession for finding new digital brushes to a new painting program, she’s satisfied. Stefanie is passionate about finding new ways to paint effectively with different kinds of brushes and techniques with every painting she creates, and likes to incorporate a balance of technical and emotional into her work. Her art is always a reflection of her interests and experiences, because art should enhance and and critically observe real life experiences in order to catch the attention of others. She is interested in creating illustrations for publishing, 2d concept art and illustrations for games/ animation, and hopes to be proficient working in 3d in the future.

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